Cyclists arriving in Sarnia on their route to London Ontario. Arriving for the night on August 7 and coming by the on their route from LA to New York City.

Hey everyone; We have had a hard week! We have been experiencing the lack of cell service, and also internet services (except for the motels at night!) and keeping everyone updated and on schedule and HAPPY has been a little bit of a problem. If you have been following us on facebook, you know we have reached northern ontario, and we left Thunder Bay on Sunday morning. (Cell and other technology will work once again when we reach Sault Ste Marie – hopefully by this coming weekend!) We received a great email from an interested party that said he biked across the country with a 750 cc motorbike. This planted ideas in Eleanor’s head and the seeds of rebellion were sown. As you can tell by the pictures, she climbed the nearest rock face and proceeded to explain to us that she wasn’t coming down until we got her a motor for her bike! And, if you could see her face (picture 3) she was VERY serious. We did all we could, but the only thing that worked was telling her we would get her a motor. As you see in picture 4, that was exactly what she wanted to hear and down she came. But we had a surprise for her…. SHE was the motor!! Some of you, have also asked when we will be home and the answer is ‘I’m sorry, I don’t know!! ‘ :( The only thing we could come up with, as a team, was that it takes Eleanor about a week to accomplish what you can, in a car, in a short day. It works out to about an hours worth of car ride to her ONE day. She rides between 75 – 100 km a day. Her goal is to reach the park with the Wallaceburg fountain by the end of August (hopefully before the Labour Day weekend!) For those of you expecting us in North Bay – the plan is for you to see us off at the bandstand by the Chief Commanda dock sometime in the next 10-12 days (and probably about 10 am in the morning) Eleanor doesn’t like to leave places that late in the day but we are willing to make the sacrifice for our family, friends and fans! Hope you all had a great holiday weekend. Talk to you all soon (next week?!?) Sincerely, Kim Labreche on behalf of Kelly’s Peddlers


From: Mike Russell [mailto:mrussell@mirrabikeco.com] Sent: Monday, August 27, 2012 3:40 PM To: Wahlroth, Mike Subject: BS Sarnia Found a good spot on the wall by the window here in the office.

Skateboards have arrived!!! Drop in and see our new addition.


We are just about set to announce a major addition to the shop…Stay tuned
July 2012 – Changes Coming to the Shop We are just about set to announce a major addition to the shop…Stay tuned

Good day! We had a blast on one of the fastest tracks in the world (according to the World Cup guys) this past weekend! Crazy amounts of speed (60+ km/h = approx. 40 mph), terrible arm pump and overall fatigue, huge smiles on our faces! It is most satisfying to race such a demanding track. The team had a pro setup and rode well. The weather allowed for spectators to enjoy the awesome sport we call our own. All this racing, representation and contribution to the growth of the sport is possible because of you, our sponsor. We appreciate everything you do for us and our joint venture. Now, without further wait, here is the full report with the much anticipated “The Lamas episode 4” !
Enjoy: http://lamacycles.pinkbike.com/channel/2012-LamaCycles-Street-Crew/

Hi everyone:
It’s official. The trek east started this morning at the Visitor’s Center in Prince George, and Eleanor crossed the bridge and headed up the big hill towards Purden Lake. The tv station here, CKPG, and the newspaper, Prince George Citizen, sent people to cover her leaving and we have made the news here in Prince George!! Tomorrow we start 65 km from Prince George and follow HWY 16 to McBride and on to Jasper Park. That’s where we will be for the near future (we figure 4-5 days). Will try to send updates once a week, with pictures. Hopefully, next week we will have pictures of wildlife in the Park. Keep all your prayers and well wishes coming. We’ve only just begun!
Kim Labreche on behalf of ‘Kelly’s Peddlers’

This past Saturday we held the first of what we hope to be our Annual BMX Jam at our local city built trails brought in part by the Kiwanis Group. As a surprise to everyone involved the turnout was much higher than expected, from the specatators down to the riders. It ran from 10AM until 2PM and throughout the entire day we held a full house that kept 3 employees and 2 volunteers running non-stop. We held a number of events ranging from 4 man pump track races, to best wall ride trick competition and everything inbetween. Naturally and thankfully it was fun for riders of all skill levels, everyone left with a smile and thanks to all the support a prize. So everyone here at The Bicycle Shop would like to thank you for all you have done, we cannot wait to organize another and we look forard to discussing it with you again next year. Thanks again!

Sincerely, everyone at The Bicycle Shop,

Scott McPhee
Braden Chambers
Steve White
Evan Roth
Craig Nichols
Taylor Moore
Max Jants
Connor Christopher
Ben Eberle

Thanks again for supporting the ride this year…this ride would not be possible without you! It was a great day on the roads, despite the sweltering temperatures. The 2012 pictures have been uploaded to the website…here is the link for viewing: http://www.pedaltothepines.com/?page_id=1179

Thanks again to all the sponsors, and to all our phenomenal volunteers!!